The Digital Transformation of our Central and Local Governments as well as Blue Light emergency services and other public services continues apace with the redesigning and digitising of services to deliver world leading outcomes in the UK. Investment in GDS and elsewhere anticipates savings for government departments, as well as a fundamental redesign of public services and how users will interact with those services.

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How Denmark made it to the top in e-Government

April 2019

Danes are well-known for their hygge, but there’s a national trait that defines us even more: a love of efficiency and a focus on cost-effective solutions. This pragmatic approach combined with an ambitious digital agenda for the public sector and a very high degree of […]

Understanding all the barriers service users might face

March 2019

Government is for everyone Designing inclusive services is really important. One of government’s core roles is providing services that meet people’s needs, and because government is not a shop, we can’t pick and choose who uses those services, and users don’t get a choice of […]

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Accelerating the public sector’s API journey

March 2019

I recently discussed why APIs are essential to transforming the public sector—they can help employees to collaborate and do their jobs more efficiently, unlock the untapped potential of data, and enable new and streamlined services that improve citizen wellbeing and even changes lives. Yet despite […]

Mims Davies PM
Tech for good – combating loneliness

March 2019

Since becoming Minister for Sport & Civil Society, I have had the privilege of leading the government’s work to help tackle loneliness. The late Jo Cox brought this issue to national prominence and I am working, with many others, to continue her legacy following the […]

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6 reasons the public sector should be investing in APIs

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In today’s data-driven world, APIs are all around us. Many of us interact with them every day without giving it a second thought. Whether you’re checking the weather, ordering takeaway food or using a hotel booking app on your smartphone, it’s usually an API that’s […]

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