The Digital Transformation of our Central and Local Governments, as well as Blue Light emergency services and other public services, continues apace with the redesigning and digitising of services to deliver world leading outcomes in the UK. Investment in GDS and elsewhere anticipates savings for government departments, as well as a fundamental redesign of public services and how users will interact with those services.

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Putting the user at the heart of data and analytics

February 2020

As an interaction designer, it’s my job to design services in a way that is accessible and meets real user needs. I work in DWP to bring user-centred design into the way we use and communicate data. Data is not new. Governments have collected and […]

Agile governance: How regulators can keep pace with technology

February 2020

Opinion: 10 ways for government regulation to adapt with technological change We need a more agile approach to regulation that supports and adapts to the change of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Agile regulators can “lean into the latest technology trends and proactively shape them”. The […]

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Why UK digital regulation makes good sense for UK businesses

February 2020

Seeking global solutions and global co-operation on digital regulation makes sense. The world is now reliant on a small handful of (mainly US-based) global platforms for trade and business, data-sharing and advertising flows, intelligence sharing and national security, and personal and corporate transactions and communications. […]

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Hack the North 4.0: solving problems for real users

January 2020

Every day in our jobcentres, our frontline teams support people back into work. They see the barriers that people face along the way, particularly those people who are unable to obtain services that we take for granted like a bank account, or access to the […]

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A home away from home – innovations to support refugee inclusion in cities

January 2020

Although news of Europe’s ‘refugee crisis’ no longer dominates the headlines, refugees and asylum-seekers continue to face significant challenges long after resettlement. Access to housing, healthcare, mental health support, language learning, education, and employment are essential for people who have fled violence and persecution to be able to rebuild their lives and […]

6 things I’ve learnt from developing my digital career

January 2020

October 2019 marked my 25-year anniversary of working for DWP. My career started on the frontline in Byker Jobcentre, now I work as a senior product owner. I’ve been in DWP Digital for more than 4 years and I love this role. Every day is […]

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