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Digital Leaders is a global initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation.

Our community of over 130,000 senior leaders are involved in leveraging technology to promote economic growth, increase social well-being and narrow social gaps.

14 – 18 June 2021

Welcome to the UK’s biggest single gathering of people focused on digital transformation.
Are you a UK leader for digital ideas, initiatives and services? Then here’s your chance to get involved.

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16th National Digital Conference

15 June 2021
In the 16th National Digital Conference, we will think about digital leadership across the three main sectors and across the whole UK. We have an excellent line up of speakers and panel discussants, as well as time for audience participation and networking.

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Impact Conference 2021

18 June 2021
In this past year of COVID-19, technology has played a transformative role in tackling enormous challenges to business, society and personal lives. Join us for the 5th annual Impact Conference as part of Digital Leaders Week 2021, where we'll explore the role of tech for good in creating social impact.

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Digital Leaders 100 Awards

The DL100 list is created by public vote and celebrates the teams and individuals who are working hard behind the scenes to secure the UK’s Digital Transformation.

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Impact Awards

The Impact Awards celebrate the technological innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us

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