Innovation - "Turning ideas into value"

Digital Innovation is about the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions, to gain valuable practical experience from the use of cutting-edge technology in real-life applications.

Innovation can help government and business master the emerging technologies they need to accelerate digital transformation. Usually this involves exploring new technologies, developing prototypes and creating rapid business and public service deployment.

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Collaboration – How will we promote collaboration and drive innovation?

December 2020

John Jervis of IEG4 explores that whatever the future looks like, councils will need to adopt a culture of ongoing iteration and a digital groundwork that enables innovation whilst encouraging collaboration   The current crisis, which came in addition to the changing demographics and economic pressures that are constantly […]

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December 2020

Starting Out I would like to share some personal insights into my journey through an early career within the IT industry. I hope that this blog post can go some way to encouraging other young females exploring their early career options to take the step […]

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Purpose over profit

December 2020

The current pandemic has highlighted worker exploitation and deepened existing inequalities. Meanwhile – as the crisis shakes the stability of our economy – the rise in environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies shows how being a good employer is becoming an asset. In 2019 alone, more […]

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Getting small businesses back on their feet: is digital the answer?

December 2020

Last week, I joined Nick Williams of Lloyds Bank Group and a group of inspirational small business leaders at the launch of the Lloyds Bank 2020 Transformation with Tech Report.  At Be the Business we have always advocated for the increased use of tech by […]

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How to help your employees work from home

November 2020

Working from home is back on the table. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to have an impact, lockdowns are in full effect across the country. With the government advising people to work from home where possible, you may find your business returning back to a world […]

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The importance of evaluating and choosing the best of breed for project success

November 2020

The last ten years have been an extraordinary time in the software industry. Our teams pride themselves in having successfully guided numerous clients through the tidal shift away from desktop-centric, heavyweight development frameworks to lightweight web-friendly alternates of the modern era capable of keeping pace […]

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