Innovation - "Turning ideas into value"

Digital Innovation is about the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions, to gain valuable practical experience from the use of cutting-edge technology in real-life applications.

Innovation can help government and business master the emerging technologies they need to accelerate digital transformation. Usually this involves exploring new technologies, developing prototypes and creating rapid business and public service deployment.

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Innovation On-Demand

Exponential evolution in the digital world; A talk by Glen Ocskó, Head of Local Government, Made Tech

Old dogs can learn new tricks: why organisations need innovation to maintain a competitive edge; A talk by Kevin D'Silva, Founder and CEO, Ideateplus

Achieving the art of the possible - the quest for truly integrated digital services; A talk by Rachel Felix, Digital Programme Manager, Chesterfield Borough Council

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June 2022

Companies recognise the immense benefits that charitable fundraising brings not only to their businesses, but also their employees, customers and society as a whole.  Charities are reeling from the cost-of-living crisis, with 59% of non-profit organisations concerned that this could trigger a reduction in those […]

Product design: when private beta isn’t the next step

May 2022

We know that not all projects move from alpha to private beta. But there’s an expectation that it’s the next logical step… then to public beta, then live. So, when we realised our project wouldn’t make it out of alpha, it felt a bit sad. […]

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In working with a team from a large consulting company recently, I was shown to their “corporate innovation suite” to help deliver some workshops and review a set of recent projects. After being led through acres of open areas crowded with desks and terminals (but […]

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The transport sector’s carbon challenge We are all facing a climate emergency. We are all asking ourselves: what can I, my company, my community and country do to tackle this existential threat? Transport is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting […]

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