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Digital Leaders Wales is an independent network for individuals and organisations across Wales who are committed to delivering sustainable and innovative digital transformation. The emerging salon topics and webinars are identified and discussed by a Wales based steering group, which includes representatives from the private, public, non-profit and academic sectors. The network is open to all and we welcome new faces at any of our events, so please come along and find out a bit more!
Mae Arweinwyr Digidol Cymru yn rhwydwaith annibynnol ar gyfer unigolion a sefydliadau ledled Cymru sydd wedi ymrwymo i gyflawni trawsnewidiad digidol cynaliadwy ac arloesol. Mae’r pynciau salon a gweminarau sy’n dod i’r amlwg yn cael eu nodi a’u trafod gan grŵp llywio yng Nghymru, sy’n cynnwys cynrychiolwyr o’r sectorau preifat, cyhoeddus, dielw ac academaidd. Mae’r rhwydwaith ar agor i bawb ac rydym yn croesawu wynebau newydd yn unrhyw un o’n digwyddiadau, dewch draw i glywed mwy!

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If technology was a country, it would be the sixth largest polluter. Of course, it’s not countries that create pollution, but the products, services, and infrastructure they use. But collectively, technology is responsible for 416 TWh of emission every year. This is huge and something […]

Green tech in Digital Leaders Week

August 2022

We have plenty of tips to save energy in our homes, but what about the workplace?  Can we do more to reduce the amount of energy we use? We all know that at home, we should unplug devices when not in use, reduce water consumption, […]

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Last week I had the pleasure of chairing the Annual Lecture for Wales as part of Digital Leaders week in my role as Chair of Digital Leaders in Wales. This year’s lecture was called ‘How Digital Transformation supports Purpose-Led Financial Services’ and was delivered by […]

Bringing us together: Digital Leaders Wales

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After two years of online events, we’re ready to bring digital leaders across Wales together to celebrate the brilliant digital innovation happening in Wales, build networks and encourage collaboration.    Whether you’re loving being face to face again or prefer the option to work from a […]

5 training tips to get your organisation digital

May 2022

It’s brilliant to see the investment the Centre has been prepared to make in the organisation to make sure they have the skills and capabilities they need as they prepare to deliver against a new strategy and vision. Of course an introductory programme doesn’t mean […]

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The Digital Strategy for Wales – 12 months on

March 2022

When the Digital Strategy for Wales was launched in March 2021 there were some things that made it a bit different to previous strategies. Welsh Government made the call to adopt the principles of working in the open that we promote for all our work.  […]

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