Digital Transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. During recent years, we’ve seen shifts in how traditional leadership roles operate, as silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change. Digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy.

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The digital transformation dream team

January 2020

When you have the vision and plan in place for digital transformation, it is time to consider who inside the local authority can do this. There are already a lot of blogs about leadership, and they all share one message: without strong leadership, transformation programmes […]

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13 Tips: Digital Transformation & Cultural Transformation

January 2020

Welcome to the Top 13 tips: Digital Transformation & Cultural Transformation. Sam Johnston CMO at BookingLive offers 13 top Public Sector tips for creating a successful digital transformation project as well as instigating cultural transformation.  Below we have outlined the overview of each tip. We […]

If you push beyond digital, what happens next?

January 2020

18 months ago we decided to drop the word digital and broaden our CDO function into a team we call Customer Journey. We wanted to be clear that our digital work isn’t defined by digital technology – it’s the method and mindset that matters. Our […]

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Four factors hindering transformation

January 2020

The problem with good service design is that you don’t notice it. It’s only when you experience truly bad design that you appreciate the good stuff. That’s why so few organisations are design led. They focus on designing out the bad rather than designing in […]

A good transformation vision

January 2020

What does real transformation look like? Digital, shiny and beautiful. Of course, the big T is not, and should not be, a one-off traumatic event, never to be repeated. Like a revolution, it may have a beginning, but it will not have an end. I […]

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