Digital Transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. During recent years, we’ve seen shifts in how traditional leadership roles operate, as silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change. Digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy.

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Jack Parsons, Big Youth Group
DLTV: Meet the Young Disruptors

June 2018

As part of Digital Leaders Week, our DLTV show let you meet some of the final 10 who make up the Young Digital Leader of the Year category 2018. Last years winner, Jack Parsons, CEO Big Youth Group was joined by four of the 2018 finalists […]

Innovation in Marketing: Adding Real Value Beyond the Buzzword

June 2018

Innovation has become a bit of a marketing buzzword these days. What does innovation in marketing really mean? And how can organisations be more innovative? In this Youtube Live, Nominet’s Head of Content, Peter Meinertzhagen, discusses the meaning of innovation in marketing and how businesses […]

Two people using laptops whilst socialising in a work environment
Webinar Recording: Managing the Cultural Mindset in Digital Transformation

June 2018

In an era where digital transformation plays such a huge part in our everyday life. Are really aware of the consequences it’s having on all of us?From business to personal we cannot avoid connectivity and technology engagement. From flicking through our social channels to listening […]

Russell Haworth, Matt Hancock and Jacqueline de Rojas at the Digital Leaders Week Launch
Digital transformation is not a destination

June 2018

The UK’s digital economy is growing 2.6 times faster than the national economy as our country cements its position as a global tech leader. This growth isn’t just London-based either – digital suburbs are emerging, and tech jobs nationwide are on the rise, as are […]

Share with Care – Teachers vs social media

June 2018

Teachers have always faced challenges – time changes the medium but not the content. The teachers of today still face the issues of bullying and abuse, fighting against a tide of inattention. In 2017, however, they are working against smartphones and the digital world rather […]

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