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Digital Leaders runs a comprehensive program of thought leadership, white papers, lectures, salons, conferences and webinars on digital transformation for each of the topics below. You can choose to participate in the Community by following the activities of the programme against a specific topic by signing up for alerts on the sector updates and upcoming events for your priority areas.

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About Us

Who we are and what we do

Digital Leaders is a shared professional online space and face-to-face programme, for leaders across all sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation.

In the UK we are the premier digital leadership platform with 12 regional programmes, expert opinion and networking for a growing cross-sector community of over 60,000 leaders.

Our Mission

We aim to build the capacity of the UK’s leadership creating effective digital leaders, raising awareness of the importance of good leadership in digital transformation, highlighting the digital challenges the UK faces and raising the profile of digital solutions that work across all sectors.

We are working to eliminate the issues that hold back leaders such as access to knowledge, networks and access to expertise.

What we do:
  • Help leaders digitally transform their organisations
  • Run programmes and events in 12 UK regions
  • Equip individual leaders with the skills they need to work in digital or start a business
  • Share insightful data, knowledge, insight and stories on the sector to inspire cultural change
  • Connect leaders to the support and services they need
  • Build networks across sectors to encourage unsiloed innovation
Why we do it:
  • To support leaders to develop up-to-date, innovative, high quality and efficient public services, including e-services, in areas such as education, health and welfare;
  • Encourage business leaders to use technological tools particularly in small and medium-sized businesses and encourage e-commerce;
  • Share information together and use online services to improve and streamline services provided to citizens; and
  • To promote cross-sector collaboration and to reduce silos
How we do it:
  • Events and Programmes
  • Focusing on key digital topics
  • Providing Thought leadership to leaders
  • Awards and highlighting best practice
  • Networking across sectors and being silo free
From 2011 to now…

Our story began in the basement of BEIS in Victoria Street working to promote the “Digital by default “ agenda to transport the UK’s public services set up in Government with Francis Maude, Martha Lane-Fox and Mike Bracken. Since then we’ve been on a journey and have spread our activities to cover the whole of the UK since 2013 and across the public, private and non-profit sectors creating a national week of Digital Transformation, DL Week in 2017.

We’re here to accelerate this growth and connect these networks.

Our leadership and governance

How are we governed and how do we select priority topics?

The emerging topics covered by the Digital Leaders programme are identified by our advisory board and steering group of partners.

How are we funded?

In order to maintain a high quality programme of inclusive free to attend Conferences, Salons and webinars, we have funding partners who are carefully selected to ensure that our agenda remains independent and non-aligned to any particular business models, commercial perspectives, or specific set of technologies.

Advisory Board

Francis Maude

President, Digital Leaders

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

Chair, Digital Leaders

Robin Knowles

Founder and CEO, Digital Leaders

Emily Ackroyd

Director for Strategy and Engagement, GDS

Theo Blackwell

CDO of London

Russell Haworth

CEO, Nominet

Hazel Hobbs

Director for Strategy and Engagement, GDS

Emma McGuigan

Global CTO, Accenture

Rachel Neaman

CEO, Corsham Institute

Maggie Philbin

CEO, TeenTech

Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola

McKinsey & Company

Heather Savory

Deputy National Statistician, ONS

Lesley Seary

CEO, Islington

Nick Williams

MD Consumer & Commercial, Lloyds Banking Group

Chris Yiu

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

The Digital Leaders is a great group of people who are trying to transform the UK for the better using digital technology.

Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho

Digital Leaders are giving the tools to enable the world to transform.

Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Digital and Culture

It’s great to see Digital Leaders coming together in response to the work across Government and in the technology sector.

Mike Bracken, Previous Head of Government Digital Service

I was not sure what to expect, I loved it. Please invite me to future events.

Lord Parry Mitchell, IT Entrepreneur


In order to maintain a high quality programme of inclusive free to attend events, seminars and webinars Digital Leaders relies upon the support of private sector partners. These partners are carefully selected to ensure that our agenda remains independent and non-aligned to any particular business models, commercial perspectives, or specific set of technologies.

Digital Leaders operates in association with:

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