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Webinar Recording: The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

April 2018

Many of the UK’s biggest brands understand that accessible websites and apps are good for business, but too many people treat it as a bolt-on – As well as facing legal threats organisations could be missing out on a market that is estimated at £250bn. […]

DLTV: Cyber resilience in the digital age

April 2018

Today’s digital economy offers incredible opportunities for organisations to innovate, grow and become more operationally efficient. But these benefits from digital transformation need to be balanced with the systemic risks and impacts of a cyber-attack. Many high profile, global brands have already felt the pain […]

Watch DLTV: Importance of culture in digital transformation

February 2018

It is easy to assume that digital transformation is just about technology, however in practice, a successful digital transformation is often about changing the whole focus and culture of an organisation. It is often accompanied by people having to adopt new ways of working and embracing radical […]

Mark Gracey, GDPR Webinar host
Webinar Recording: Preparing your business for GDPR

February 2018

With the GDPR deadline looming on the horizon (25th May) there’s no better time to be thinking about how your business should be getting ready and putting a plan in place to deliver compliance. Being prepared is about understanding what the GDPR means for your […]

James Nelson, GDPR compliance
Webinar Recording: How to manage your GDPR compliance and website security

February 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with threats of detrimental fines, poses a major challenge for most organisations. Despite 86% of organisations in Europe identifying GDPR as their key focus, many fear they won’t have full GDPR compliance in time for the 25th May 2018 deadline*. This webinar […]

Diversity in Digital Screenshot
Watch the latest DLTV on Diversity in Digital

February 2018

By the nature of what it is, tech organisations and those who lead them should be progressive and innovative. However, there is a persisting lack of diversity across the sector. More diversity in the Tech Sector beyond white heterosexual males is a good idea for […]

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