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Immersive technology refers to technology that blurs the line between the physical world and digital or simulated world, thereby creating a sense of immersion. The two most common are Augmented reality, technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world; and Virtual reality, an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment

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Woman using VR and laptop
Digital transformation–it isn’t just about technology

November 2020

The degree and complexity of change is accelerating at an unprecedented level for organisations worldwide. Externally this includes climate change, the pressures of global and domestic competition, unstable economies, and changing government regulations. Internally, businesses are coping with organisational effectiveness, productivity, and employee engagement. Together, […]

Woman working multy screens
Delivering results: Swindon Borough Council’s emerging tech team

November 2020

Twelve months ago Swindon Borough Council made the decision to start an ‘Emerging Technologies Team’. The purpose of forming the team was to focus on identifying opportunities that benefit multiple council services, test technology (both existing and new), measure the results and report back.  It’s […]

online meeting on laptop next to meeting
Building virtual communities: Replicating the effectiveness of face-to-face

September 2020

We are social beings – the interaction, networks and social connections we create at work are important given we spend so much of our lives “at the office”. However, during the pandemic, working from home has meant those watercooler moments and face-to-face conversations completely halted. […]

man on laptop
The importance of data and emerging tech in public service delivery

August 2020

John McMahon, IEG4 explores how emerging technologies around data will enable an increase in personalised services, more proactive action, no code digital services delivery, a more compassionate approach and the provision of intelligent services. There are so many aspects to service delivery within the public […]

Group of people working round a table on laptops and phones
One in three organisations still lack a clear path to digital transformation

August 2020

Digital transformation, with all its benefits and promise, is a challenging project to implement, according to a new report from PFU Limited. The report claims that more than a third of businesses “don’t have a clear plan” for navigating the digitaltransformation journey. As a result, these […]

Sam Gauci
Webinar recording: HR transformation in a virtual reality

July 2020

Tune into a hands-on, practical demo workshop around helping HR to embrace digital-first, agile ways of working. Speakers include Sam Gauci, CEO of You Are Your Guru, Executive Consultant, Actor and Filmmaker; Sasha Howard, Product Manager, Freeformers; and Mike Tulley, Client Partner, Freeformers.   This […]

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