Insights Report

Generate a report on any Digital Transformation topic you need insights on, made up of the great thought leadership from the Digital Leaders expert community.

Insights Report is the latest free service from Digital Leaders. 

You type in the title of a topic you would like Insights on to create an Insights Report,

Each report has a smart cover including your title, a contents page, an Executive Summary and writing from DL Experts that covers the area of your chosen report. Each article included is summarised and has the URL to the original piece of writing on the DL website. 

So why not ask for Insights on any of the 12 Digital Leaders Topics that appear at the top of this page. Anything from Healthtech Insights; and AI Insights; to Digital Inclusion Insights; and Hey presto! in less than 2 seconds you receive your report. 

Insights Report



How it works

You type in the title of a report topic you would like and Insight Report creates you a short report as an electronic document that can be shared or turned into a pdf.
The report consists of: 
  • A cover featuring your report title;
  • A contents page;
  • Summary;
  • 8-12 articles that relate to your chosen report topic; and
Insight Report gives you a wide range of perspectives on your report topic, the content is curated and all the sources can be trusted and seen. 
So why not give it a try.

This Service is in BETA
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