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Artificial Intelligence

It is the 21st century and AI is touching our lives in more ways than most people realise. There is a lot more that AI can offer. In every industry sector, leading organisations are already using it to run their core functions more efficiently e.g. information processing, handling invoices and managing customer enquiries and complaints. Challenges include lack of awareness and knowledge about AI and a chronic skills shortage and our public bodies’ and business leaders not knowing the potential of AI and how it might impact their organisations. There is also the question of jobs and fewer people being needed in every organisation, but AI also brings opportunities for new products and services. To tap into the opportunities, we need skills combined with a better business ecosystems that nurture innovation and technological advancement.

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Image of an accessibility software being used to create captions for a video on screen
5 ways AI could transform digital accessibility

April 2018

From autonomous cars to conversations with robots, artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the lives of disabled people. AbilityNet’s senior accessibility and usability consultant Joe Chidzik explores some of the ways AI will make the internet more accessible for disabled people. 1. AI provides language translation […]

Design and AI
5 thoughts on design and AI

March 2018

As more of the things we use get smarter, explaining how products change over time or how to give people options for recourse when a non-deterministic decision has been made are going to become fundamental to the work of designers. Our work at IF is increasingly […]

Two programmers reviewing their responsible technology
Where we need responsible technology

March 2018

People often ask me what technologies Doteveryone cares about. (Is it about broadband access? Privacy? AI? Data ethics?) The real answer is that our work is not so much about specific technologies as it is specific challenges. It’s about systems — how people and organisations and society […]

Smart City
Smart Cities: concept vs reality

February 2018

The beginnings of the Smart City initiative could be traced back to the introduction of traffic lights in the 1900s. For all the advancements in technology and complicated algorithms of today, a Smart City retains the goal of the traffic light: using technology to make […]

Drone registry
Is it time for a drone registry?

February 2018

Almost one in five drone owners have lost their drone – more than once. Pair that with the fact that 83% of people think drones pose a risk to the public when out of range and it’s clear that we are becoming both careless and […]

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