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The third wave of digital transformation has arrived and it’s automation.

In every industry sector, early adopters are already using Machine Learning, AI, IoT, VR and AR to run their core functions more efficiently and enhance user experience, e.g. information processing, remote monitoring and managing customer enquiries and complaints. Challenges include business leaders not yet knowing the potential of Automation and how it might impact their organisations and business model.

There are also societal challenges including job losses and ethical concerns.

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Introducing the economics of AI; A talk by Shaun McGirr, AI Evangelist, Dataiku

AI for Good: Pandemic response and the future; A talk by Babak Hodjat, CTO for AI, Cognizant

Annual Lecture in Parliament: The drive to thrive in the data deluge - from Formula One:tm: to Government services: A talk by Rob Walker, CEO UK&I, Cognizant.

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