Cyber Resilience

The UK leads the way in digital transformation. But this innovation needs to be balanced with the risk from cyber-attack. 90% of successful attacks succeed because of human error – your people are key in making you more resilient in the face of this growing risk.

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Using I pad with cyber security symbol
The key digital freedoms for the public sector

February 2021

Much has been made of the unprecedented nature of 2020 and the innovation that accompanied the response to the demands of the pandemic. On reflection, I think last year changed the way we think about innovation (or at least the emphasis of it). We moved […]

Cyber defence – going beyond traditional frontiers

December 2020

A week ago we were made aware of the FireEye cyber attack. Days later we were witnessing an impressive global incident response. FireEye had suffered an attack by a highly sophisticated – suspected state-sponsored – threat actor. Hackers targeted and accessed its Red Team assessment […]

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Future returns: Investing in tech for good

August 2020

Worries about personal data and privacy have taken some of the sheen off investing in technology. From Facebook improperly sharing the personal data of up to 87 million people with Cambridge Analytica, to security fears that have led employers to demand employees remove the TikTok video app […]

Webinar recording: Staying safe in our new virtual world

May 2020

In this session we will take a look at some of the new cyber threats and considerations when doing business online. We will review what’s changed as well as what hasn’t changed and how we can protect ourselves against these threats with some practical steps. […]

Pandemic presents new cyber security challenges

April 2020

A time of crisis brings out the best in many people, but sadly the worst in a few. Action Fraud warns that £2 million has already been lost to coronavirus-related fraud in the UK as cyber criminals take advantage of the current pandemic. The phrase ‘no honour […]

How vulnerable is digital health amid the coronavirus crisis?

April 2020

Long before the global Coronavirus pandemic disrupted life as we know it, digital health was on the ascent, enabled by innovations in IoT-connected medical devices. In 2019, one in four physicians utilised remote care tools – nearly twice the share who were doing so in 2016, according […]

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