Tech for Good

Tech for good is all about using digital technology to make a positive difference in the world over profit based motives.

Relevant transformations could involve changing the way children learn, helping people stay healthy, improving public services, helping us respond to disasters like floods and pandemics, and understanding global trends. It can come from nonprofits, governments, or businesses.

We host our annual impact Awards where we celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us.

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Without intervention, AI could widen the digital divide for students

September 2023

Access to education is a basic human right for all. The United Nations describes education as “the building block for every society” – but for those experiencing digital inequity, there is a very real risk of falling behind as more learning moves online. One issue that […]

Professional body for IT signs new agreement to fight digital poverty

September 2023

The professional body for information technology has pledged closer ties with the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA). BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and the DPA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the joint aim of ending digital poverty in the UK by 2030. BCS President […]

Unveiling the urgent need to eradicate Digital Poverty and its profound impact

September 2023

In our tech-driven world, where connectivity is often taken for granted, the persistence of digital poverty casts a shadow on progress and equality. The concept of digital poverty highlights the stark divide between those who have access to digital resources, support and opportunities, and those […]

People will own what they help to create

August 2023

How do we build the best public services for the future? It’s clear that one size won’t fit all with rising demand and diminishing budgets. But by engaging at the right place and time, we can build the public services that are really needed and […]

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