The Digital Transformation of our Central and Local Governments, as well as Blue Light emergency services and other public services, continues apace with the redesigning and digitising of services to deliver world leading outcomes in the UK. Investment in GDS and elsewhere anticipates savings for government departments, as well as a fundamental redesign of public services and how users will interact with those services.

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Wales flag
The Digital Strategy for Wales – 12 months on

March 2022

When the Digital Strategy for Wales was launched in March 2021 there were some things that made it a bit different to previous strategies. Welsh Government made the call to adopt the principles of working in the open that we promote for all our work.  […]

Man using phone to get authentication code for doc on laptop
Sharing control: design principles for local government log-ins

January 2022

How can we improve the experience of using local government services? Why not begin at the beginning: signing in. Authentication remains a pain point for millions of people when they try to use a digital service. Whether it’s paying council tax, applying for a school […]

Reducing second contact in Local Government

December 2021

Local authorities are working hard to streamline budgets, and one way to do this is to reduce phone contact. However, we often hear that while a lot of people are now booking things or reporting an issue online , these same people then phone up […]

Putting citizens and patients first in public sector service design

November 2021

Filipa Costa tells us more about her role with service design specialists Mace & Menter, as it expands its innovative work with the NHS to help improve the way people experience healthcare. I’m a Service Designer with a background in renewable energy and sustainability. I […]

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A converging trilogy of digital technologies

October 2021

Every day we’re experiencing the truly transformative impact smartphones have had over the last decade. For many, the smartphone has already replaced the digital camera and set us free snapping and sharing in quite an incredible way that creates a window to global events. Alongside […]

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