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“Cloud computing has brought about a step change in the economics and sustainability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled service provision. Government is committed to the adoption of cloud computing and delivering computing resources to users as needed (an on-demand delivery model). By exploiting innovations in cloud computing we will transform the public sector ICT estate into one that is agile, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.” – Government Cloud Strategy

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From Random Numbers to Actionable Intel: How to Manage Your Big Data

January 2018

Data has many benefits. But with data points constantly being collected and updated, marketers can have trouble managing it. Data is only useful when it’s actionable. When it comes to big data management, actionable goals that give a purpose to your data will make it […]

Aiming for cyber safety

January 2018

As organisations transition towards more digital integration, the scope of cyber security is expanding and shifting towards ‘cyber safety’ in a much broader sense. The familiar concept of CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) does not meet the new requirements of ensuring safety of any organisation’s broadened […]

As cloud comes of age, customer centricity becomes key

January 2018

Cloud computing has become so pervasive that, despite still being a relatively new evolution, it is now seen as central to so many other areas of innovation. Sensors, cameras and other devices (often collectively referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT) feed vast […]

Council saves on their Cloud First strategy implementation

December 2017

Derby City Council has achieved 60% savings on its data centre provision through a Crown Commercial Service framework. The requirement Derby City Council has a 15-year vision that pledges to ensure that the city of Derby is Safe, Strong, Ambitious and Resilient. It is committed to […]

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