“Cloud computing has brought about a step change in the economics and sustainability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled service provision. Government is committed to the adoption of cloud computing and delivering computing resources to users as needed (an on-demand delivery model). By exploiting innovations in cloud computing we will transform the public sector ICT estate into one that is agile, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.” – Government Cloud Strategy

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Without intervention, AI could widen the digital divide for students

September 2023

Access to education is a basic human right for all. The United Nations describes education as “the building block for every society” – but for those experiencing digital inequity, there is a very real risk of falling behind as more learning moves online. One issue that […]

How one council used machine learning to cut translation costs by 99.6%

August 2023

The United Kingdom (UK) has a strong track record of impactful innovation. Our public services need to find creative ways to deliver services differently and more efficiently so we meet our communities’ changing needs, while always protecting the people who rely on these services. Swindon […]

The power of cloud: protecting citizen data from cyberattacks

February 2023

Public sector organisations are digitising fast as they strive to deliver better and more cost-effective services. However, this puts them at increased risk of cybercrime. Recent high-profile data breaches and cyberattacks have cost millions and damaged public trust. With cloud technology, organisations can make the […]

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February 2023

Lenders are facing an unprecedented set of challenges. It’s widely recognised that continued inflation, rising interest rates and the ensuing cost-of-living crisis will inevitably lead to increasing numbers of customers falling into arrears. As during Covid, in this environment, lenders will face the dual pressures […]

A cloudy outlook for your digital transformation?

January 2023

I know this is embarrassing to admit, but I don’t really understand the cloud. Sure, I can describe what it does. I can even tell you all about the underlying technologies that make it work and how they fit together. With a fair wind, I might be […]

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December 2022

There are many important lessons we can take away from studying the digital transformation journeys being pursued by companies today. Perhaps none is more important than the recognition that progress toward a more digital way of working cannot be defined and measured as a linear […]

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