GovTech is gaining momentum as it passes from an emergent state and is poised to go global. Its development has drawn comparisons to fintech, a sector which grew sixfold between 2011 and 2015. Both GovTech and FinTech benefit from large citizen demand, a permissive policy environment and ready access to tech skills & financial capital. The concept of small businesses bringing innovative solutions to public services, that once proven can move to scale is exciting both political and market interest.

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Being honest about AI services: How much do users need to know?

May 2024

As you may have seen, Caution Your Blast Ltd (CYB) is currently working with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) on an exciting project that involves engineering Large Language Model (LLM) solutions. Together, we’re building an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled service for GOV.UK that […]

Open data’s unmet promise and its impact on Scotland’s local democracy

May 2024

Over the last 10 years, the discussion on open data has gained significant traction in the UK. Open data was championed as the key to unlocking transparency, driving efficiencies, and delivering real-world outcomes. However, the issue of open data’s usability is often overlooked. After all, […]

Rethinking the GDS standard and assessments

April 2024

Since its creation, the Government Digital Service (GDS) Standard has been a key framework for providers and the government. It has been a valuable guide for partners working with the public sector to ensure the development of consistent and user-centred digital tools that meet everyone’s […]

AI Bill – Regulatory capability

April 2024

I have drafted and introduced to Parliament a law to regulate AI – the Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill. The Government’s current approach, light touch regulation in an effort not to dampen innovation, is well intentioned but wrong. Right sized regulation will support, not stifle, innovation and is […]

From idea to impact, the crucial steps in digital service delivery

April 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of public service delivery, the use of digital technology is a crucial way to meet citizens’ needs effectively. But after years of working in tech delivery, and driving positive change using digital services, I’ve found that while meeting user needs remains […]

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