What should voluntary and community organisations know about Open Data, Transparency and GDPR

16 February @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, Belfast

Open Data Event hero image
Opening data will help improve the transparency and accountability of government and the publication of NI Open Data Strategy is a positive step in the development of open data as one of the key areas of open government.

For voluntary and community organisations opening their data will help provide clear evidence of the work they are funded to do. Open data is one way that voluntary and community organisations can begin to show their impact and make decisions based on clear evidence.

The other main use of open data is being transparent. While some will find this scary, this should be a positive opportunity. From May 2018 charities need to factor into this use of Open Data a new and important element, the new GDPR directive.

Join our lead discussant Scott Hollinshead, Operations and Governance Manager at Street Soccer Scotland to discuss:

  • What Open data is
  • Where it is being used to good effect in the Charity sector
  • How to get started in your own organisation
  • What GDPR changes and you need to know