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Digital Leaders runs a comprehensive program of thought leadership, white papers, lectures, salons, conferences and webinars on digital transformation for each of the topics below. You can choose to participate in the Community by following the activities of the programme against a specific topic by signing up for alerts on the sector updates and upcoming events for your priority areas.

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DL Northern Ireland

The Digital Leaders Northern Ireland (NI) programme will serve as an independent focal point of engagement and resource network for individuals and organisations across Northern Ireland who are committed to delivering sustainable and innovative digital transformation. The emerging salon topics and webinars in the NI programme are identified and discussed by an NI steering group (which includes representatives from local government, the private sector and non-profit organisations including our regional partner Socitm).

I am delighted that Digital Leaders Northern Ireland is the fourth regional programme to be launched. Working with our partners Sopra Steria I look forward to hearing more about what the Digital Leaders in Northern Ireland are discussing. The Digital Leaders programme will continue to build its reputation for offering great networking, being content rich, and of course importantly, being free to attend.

Robin Knowles, Digital Leaders Founder

The DL Northern Ireland programme is made possible by the generous support of:

For more information on the Northern Ireland programme, please contact Robin Knowles

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