Reaching clients and supporters efficiently and evidencing the impact of support services is key at a time when funding is tight in the third sector. Online data, technology and digital transformation can revolutionise how charity services are delivered, expanding geographical coverage as well as driving efficiencies in client reach and support. Yet over half of UK charities do not have basic digital skills or believe having a website will help increase funding.

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What happens when charities go digital? Common steps, hurdles and ways to make this less painful

What Charity leaders are learning from the tech sector

Digital accessibility for nonprofits

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How do we measure the impact of our ‘tech for good’ intentions?

October 2020

An important question for any company committed to making a social as well as business impact is how we assess if our activities and investments are truly achieving that. Answering this question forms one aspect of my work at Nominet. We are the registry for […]

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How to help staff adjust to remote working

March 2020

Just a few weeks ago most small talk in Britain was about the weather. “Are you working from home yet?” has replaced that. Coronavirus has made going into the office feel like the exception rather than the rule. It’s a sign of the unsettling times […]

Stepping up the digital efforts in charities

January 2020

Last month we carried out a survey ‘Small Charity Leaders Insight Report 2019’* focusing on small charities’ ambitions to expand their reach, help more people and step up their digital efforts. The report had responses from 271 charities, all of which with an income under […]

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Online mental health support for young people

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Tackling online mental health is vital. Growing up is hard enough, but imagine having to grapple with the anxieties and tribulations of adolescence in a vast, borderless digital sphere that is always ‘on’ – a space with known potential for harm and abuse. In the […]

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Building a vigorous tech for good sector will power up the UK

October 2019

When we set up in the late 90s, Brent and I used to go to the meet-ups in the e-commerce sector where it used to be us and one other company. Right now in London, every hour a new commercial internet company is started. […]

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If you want to make yourself feel old, think about how much the world of work has changed during the time you’ve been in it. I’ve seen how email and then digital collaboration tools such as Slack have grown, along with flexible working. Since I […]

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