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Reaching clients and supporters efficiently and evidencing the impact of support services is key, at a time when funding is tight in the third sector. Online data, technology and digital transformation can revolutionise how charity services are delivered, expanding geographical coverage as well as driving efficiencies in client reach and support. Yet over half of UK charities do not have basic digital skills or believe having a website will help increase funding.

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User Journey Map
Leaping from a burning platform to a digital one

April 2018

When we launched our digital platform in August 2015 we were facing the risk that Reach was slowly becoming irrelevant – even redundant – which is a risk that all charities face if they do not think through how they should be incorporating digital. It […]

Workshop image, Digital Leaders
The Charity Digital Skills Report: lessons for leaders

March 2018

I’ve been thinking about great leadership in digital a lot this week. This isn’t just an issue affecting big tech companies. Leadership was a significant theme of the second Charity Digital Skills Report, which we launched last week. Whilst there have been some small, positive […]

Two programmers reviewing their responsible technology
Where we need responsible technology

March 2018

People often ask me what technologies Doteveryone cares about. (Is it about broadband access? Privacy? AI? Data ethics?) The real answer is that our work is not so much about specific technologies as it is specific challenges. It’s about systems — how people and organisations and society […]

Social Care
Solving Real-World Social Problems in a Laboratory

March 2018

This blog was co-written with Idan Papier, Director at Innovation & New Shiny Things, CDI-Negev. Our basic philosophy is that to solve social challenges, you need a comprehensive system-wide understanding of them first. That should sound obvious. But when policymakers or entrepreneurs try to address these problems, […]

Digital Design Principles workshop
Digital design principles for the UK charity sector

March 2018

There are over 165,000 charities in the UK. Some of these are already doing amazing things with digital service delivery. But many are just starting their journey. At CAST we run a number of hands on product development programmes for charities to help them research, design and test new […]

Are young people ‘digital natives’?

February 2018

Did you feel misunderstood as a young person? I certainly did! Didn’t it feel frustrating and isolating? Did you vow that you’d never lose touch with where young people are actually at? Have you lost touch?  Are we at risk of perpetuating that misunderstanding and […]

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