The CyberSecurity and the CTO Report in the Times

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on CyberSecurity and the CTO in this morning’s edition of the Times.

It’s a comprehensive read, but the headline seems to be clear that the threat landscape is worsening and the good guys are going to have to up their game to stay on top of this growing area of malpractice.

One area of suggested improvement put forward by the report is for cyber security experts and anti-fraud teams to work together more closely or even merge in response to rising attack levels. The types of attacks are ranked in the report with “Phishing” coming a clear top of the cyber facilitated fraud rankings, reminding us that we the humans remain a weak link in the cyber security chain of defence.

I was particularly interested in an article about the recent explosion of interest in Generative AI and the new threat it now poses for Cyber Security as criminals also use it to improve their attacks on organisations. The article  concludes that Generative AI based attacks are the fastest growing area of cyber criminality seen in the sector and worryingly concludes that the numbers of individuals involved in cyber crime is also rising as Generative AI lowers the barriers to entry for criminals. The article believes that even the AIs we use could be corrupted to give wrong answers. 

A sobering read and it highlights that there seems no limit to what new technologies like Generative AI offers “bad actors” alongside the benefits gained by the rest of us.

Digital Leaders who are not already Times subscribers can download a free copy of the report below.


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