Cyber Resilience

The UK leads the way in digital transformation. But this innovation needs to be balanced with the risk from cyber-attack. 90% of successful attacks succeed because of human error – your people are key in making you more resilient in the face of this growing risk.

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One year on: CISO stress shows no signs of abating

February 2020

If either of my sons expresses an interest in a cyber security career, I will be hoping that the current pressures on the CISO will have alleviated by the time they are old enough to take on the challenge. Despite the noticeable impact of Nominet’s alarming […]

How is phishing still an effective way to breach companies?

February 2020

When it comes to illegally infiltrating company data, there are various techniques that are employed by the ‘bad guys’ to garner the information they desire. Many of us will think that brute force attacks and other forms of hacking are the most popular ways to […]

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GovTech | How to make you and your departments more digitally secure

January 2020

How can you make you and your departments more digitally secure? Sam Johnston CMO at BookingLive offers Digital Security tips for creating a secure platform from which to launch digital transformation projects as well as instigating a culture of security. The first thing that comes […]

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Data Protection In The Age Of Digital Transformation

January 2020

When stepping on the digital transformation journey, organizations should keep in mind that this includes a security transformation for data protection as well. Until not so long ago, business data was analog and gathering or sharing information meant dealing with physical documents. Records were kept […]

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What has digital government learned this year?

December 2019

We’ve written about many topics over the last 12 months based on our expertise and conversations with our public sector clients. So, what are the key themes that we’ve seen emerge in digital government this year? Legacy problems At the tail end of last year, […]

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Why greater security is the first step to greater trust

December 2019

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call 2019 the year of the data breach. The past 12 months have given us some of the worst cyber-incidents in history. The most recent and severe involved People Data Labs, which exposed the personal information of over four billion […]

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