Cyber Resilience

The UK leads the way in digital transformation. But this innovation needs to be balanced with the risk from cyber-attack. 90% of successful attacks succeed because of human error – your people are key in making you more resilient in the face of this growing risk.

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 AXELOS RESILIA are working with Digital Leaders to provide the guidance, awareness, skills and confidence all your people need to protect the information that’s most precious and valuable to you.

Digital Resilience Advisory Board

Prof. Adam Beaumont


Lesley Cowley, OBE


Ian Davies

The BMT Group

Vicki Gavin

The Economist Group

Peter Hepworth


Richard Knowlton

Richard Knowlton Associates

John McKinley

Caldwell Capital

Louisa-Jayne O’Neill

Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC)

Nick Wilding


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