Webinar recording: Digital Transformation – Demonstrating value

glasses in front of laptop

Written by Lucy Wakeford, Head of Online, Digital Leaders

Government undertake digital transformation programmes to deliver benefits to public services, however, they are frequently criticised for failing to achieve them.

In this salon DEFRA and DAERA, their Northern Ireland equivalent, talk about digital transformation in the agriculture sector and how they are improving their approach to measuring the impact of digital transformation.

We hear from three leading the digital transformation of these services including:

  • Geraldine Devine, Head of Information Systems Unit, DAERA;
  • Philip Spence, Head of Digital Transformation Unit, DAERA; and
  • Myra Hunt, Joint Chief Digital Officer, DEFRA

They talk about how they are focusing on the benefits realisation of their changes to ensure their digital transformation programmes deliver the intended outcomes.

Watch the full salon recording below.

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