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Written by Robin Knowles, Founder and Director, Digital Leaders

The world of digital is one of constant change, and the digital transformation community tries to support this innovation through conferences, networking and marketing to aid the spread of knowledge. However, this community is itself often guilty of failing to evolve and embrace the very technologies their events and speakers promote.

While face to face networking at traditional conferences and events offers a great deal of value, this traditional format is proving ever more difficult to justify. A minimum day’s participation to hear talks (some of which are not relevant), with travel and overnights thrown in, is expensive and time-consuming when so much information and knowledge is online.

One of these online resources is the Digital Leaders ‘Insights’ page, a web page that provides great thought leadership blogs about the opportunities and challenges in digital transformation – a page that we are now bringing to life with our new venture.

We have gone outside of our common platforms, and found new technology to make this virtual conferencing a reality.

One of the challenges of gathering a great set of thinkers and leaders is geography. Naturally, experts come from all over the world. Although our audience enjoy the writing of these people, can we be confident they would travel to see them speak?

That’s why I am particularly pleased that our upcoming conference “Insight Live” represents a real step forward in creating a new genre – a ‘virtual summit’. 

It is similar to a large conference, but from the comfort of your desk. Our brilliant thinkers give talks online, whilst the audience enjoys their expertise and asks live questions to them, all in a virtual conference space. 

Over five days, from 4-9 November 2019, 50 speakers will be sharing their expertise  giving us all, as digital leaders, opportunities to listen to expert talks on a wide range of topics under the digital transformation banner, across all sectors.

On the surface it could look like just 50 webinars over 5 days, but it is the software behind that for the first time gives the delegates a great user experience. 

You can highlight the broad topics that interest you, select talks from a list that matches your interests and then with one click seamlessly load them into your online diary. You are sent alerts if related talks are uploaded and a recording after the lecture has finished.

Insight Live’ is already attracting 90 attendees per talk on average, with 7 weeks still to go. By any conference standard, it is looking to be a large one. 

Of course, there will be lots of lessons to learn, and I am sure we will see improvements at the second virtual summit. We make it our philosophy to inspire change, share knowledge and build confidence, so all are welcome to get involved and see the benefits of this new genre.

While I can take no personal credit, I am really pleased that the fantastic online team at Digital Leaders have created ‘Insight Live’ and have made holding a virtual conference possible. 

Please take a look and do join in. I am sure you will find a talk that adds value to you and your organisation.

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