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The power of collaboration accelerates public sector transformation in Iceland

December 2023

The Icelandic Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs launched an ambitious initiative to accelerate the digital transformation of public services in Iceland in 2019. The overall goal was to streamline the way citizens and businesses access government services by creating more efficient, effective, and user-centric […]

Could joining up data help local authorities to ease financial pressure?

November 2023

Local authorities face a perfect storm of tighter budgets, a limited set of income streams, a cost of living which remains stubbornly high, and ever-growing citizen needs. Coupled with this, councils are stuck in a single-year funding cycle, which makes planning ahead even more difficult. […]

Intelligent topic modeling: practical explanation and interpretation

November 2023

One of the pivotal areas of application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP involves a set of scientific methods to train systems to understand human language, both written text and spoken words. This specialist field of Machine Learning (ML) focuses largely […]

Enabling families to have their voice during the Continuing Care Process

November 2023

Social care is in desperate need of widespread reform, but to protect the safety of our most vulnerable, Children’s long-term care needs specialist attention. Recently the Children’s commissioner called for urgent reform, which is now more than ever paramount, as ministers have pledged to eradicate […]

How trauma-informed is your chatbot?

October 2023

Many citizens increasingly expect to access public services digitally. While digitising core services to meet these emerging expectations, many public service providers are acutely aware of the barriers that some people face in accessing and using digital services effectively. To mitigate this, they are procuring […]

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