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Thumb print ID
Governments look to digital ID to modernize services and boost growth

January 2022

The World Bank’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative announced that one billion people did not have official proof of identity (ID) as of 2018. Without a recognized ID, it is difficult to enroll in school, open a bank account, obtain a mobile phone, claim pensions, access healthcare, […]

People in the office using the devices
Empower employees by unifying your analytics and data architecture

January 2022

We hear all the time how data is our most valuable asset in business. However, you can only truly recognise its value once you connect and manage your data in a cohesive fashion. What happens when you enable a digital feedback loop within your organisation, […]

Empowering people through digital

December 2021

In 2020, we published our Digital Blueprint for Greater Manchester and were clear in our commitment to being a digital city-region with a difference. By putting people at the heart of our plans we aim for a more inclusive approach that builds on our greatest […]

Public Sector Technology Report in the Times

December 2021

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on Public Sector Technology in this morning’s edition of the Times. Could the solution to the climate crisis lie in space? Is the new Online Safety Bill enough to prevent abuse […]

Reducing second contact in Local Government

December 2021

Local authorities are working hard to streamline budgets, and one way to do this is to reduce phone contact. However, we often hear that while a lot of people are now booking things or reporting an issue online , these same people then phone up […]

Putting citizens and patients first in public sector service design

November 2021

Filipa Costa tells us more about her role with service design specialists Mace & Menter, as it expands its innovative work with the NHS to help improve the way people experience healthcare. I’m a Service Designer with a background in renewable energy and sustainability. I […]

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