Salon: Delivering the Benefits of Broadband Access in Rural Areas

22 July @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Brussels

The Digital Agenda for Europe has set up ambitious targets on the deployment and use of high-speed broadband infrastructure and services.

The European Commission estimates that between €38 billion and €58 billion of investment would be needed to achieve the 30 Mbps coverage target for all by 2020 and between €181 billion and €268 billion to provide sufficient coverage so that 50% of households are on 100 Mbps services.

To satisfy the needs of rural communities – and in a context of reduced EU funding – new models of investment in high-speed networks are arising particularly at local and regional level. This is particularly relevant within the context of rural and regional development as the availability of open, competitive, affordable and good quality broadband networks are a key element for the long term sustainability and competitiveness of less advanced regions and rural areas.

The DL EU Salon asked:

  • What are these models?
  • What are the benefits
  • How can they be funded?
  • Who are the Stakeholders that need to lead?
  • Is their emerging best practice and impact analysis?