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The DL EU programme is a pan-European resource network for individuals and organisations seeking a focal point for engagement around the transversal role and impact of digital technologies. We are interactive, not big scale stakeholder, non-biased and non-lobbying. The programme includes bi-monthly salon meetings starting at the EESC, webinars and bi-monthly Digital Leaders Networking Drinks.

The emerging salon topics and webinars in the EU will be discussed and agreed by an EU steering group (which includes representatives from the various EU institutions and partner bodies, the private sector and non-profit organisations including the EESC).

Digital Leaders is delighted to be expanding its programme into Europe. I am thrilled that the first of these is in Brussels working with the EU. After four years Digital Leaders has a great reputation for being content rich, offering great networking and, of course importantly, being free to attend.

Robin Knowles, Digital Leaders Founder

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