The Digital Transformation of our Central and Local Governments as well as Blue Light emergency services and other public services continues apace with the redesigning and digitising of services to deliver world leading outcomes in the UK. Investment in GDS and elsewhere anticipates savings for government departments, as well as a fundamental redesign of public services and how users will interact with those services.

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Craig Abbott
Why re-use is the best design (because civil servants are users too)

October 2018

In government, we have access to lots of research and design patterns that have been tried and tested. If someone else has already solved a problem, we can reuse their design. This saves time and money and creates a consistent experience for the user. The challenge […]

Hands typing on computer and notepad
Transforming Defra with data

October 2018

We’ve come a long way since the inception of the Defra Data Transformation programme a few years ago, and it’s always healthy to take a moment to reflect on past successes, to learn from challenges, and to think about the future. Transformation isn’t something that […]

Woman sat around a table in a business meeting with a macbook air
Is the council of the future cloud?

September 2018

When it comes to the current state of play of cloud adoption in local government, it’s a rather mixed picture. A recent Eduserv survey on local government cloud adoption found that councils aren’t yet adopting cloud fully, but some are at the start of their cloud journey […]

Rishi Sunak MP speaking at the GLA Conference
New funding to grow digital skills in local government

September 2018

In July 2018, when we launched the Local Digital Declaration, I announced I was committing £7.5 million to help achieve that ambition. I am delighted to announce the Local Digital Fund, which has been created using that money, opened for applications on Monday 24 September. We […]

How business intelligence can make housing more affordable

September 2018

Israel is currently suffering from a severe housing crisis–and it’s largely avoidable.  The scarcity of land with zoning plans, clear ownership and appropriate infrastructure has led to a shortage of land made available for building housing units. Currently in Israel, it takes an average of […]

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