The Digital Transformation of our Central and Local Governments, as well as Blue Light emergency services and other public services, continues apace with the redesigning and digitising of services to deliver world leading outcomes in the UK. Investment in GDS and elsewhere anticipates savings for government departments, as well as a fundamental redesign of public services and how users will interact with those services.

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Public servants are tired of change-washing — not change

January 2020

Change-washing (noun): the process of introducing reforms that purport to bring about change but fail to result in any substantive shifts in systems, services or culture. If you were to look up the word “change-washing” in the Oxford English dictionary, you wouldn’t find it. That’s […]

Is agile the key to steer government forward?

January 2020

Agile organisations treat disruption and adversity as opportunities. They grab the initiative and turn the environment into a critical supporter of their vision. In contrast, organisations that cling to the status quo and fail to take smart risks face extinction. The disparity between those that […]

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Four factors hindering transformation

January 2020

The problem with good service design is that you don’t notice it. It’s only when you experience truly bad design that you appreciate the good stuff. That’s why so few organisations are design led. They focus on designing out the bad rather than designing in […]

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Four reflections on public service innovation

January 2020

How can we better support innovation in public systems? Many principles inform our work here at Nesta, for example: Get the question right by challenging assumptions; A mindset of grounded optimism helps by being clear about the here and now, yet ambitious about what’s possible; […]

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The data revolution enters the next phase

January 2020

In one, you wake up in the morning to an alarm clock that’s been tracking the quality of your sleep all night, calculating the optimum time to wake you so that you’re fresh and alert. Your alarm clock then notifies you that it’s signalled your […]

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What has digital government learned this year?

December 2019

We’ve written about many topics over the last 12 months based on our expertise and conversations with our public sector clients. So, what are the key themes that we’ve seen emerge in digital government this year? Legacy problems At the tail end of last year, […]

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