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dl100 winners

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

We all know someone who just delivers digital transformation better than others or the project, innovation or initiative that has really had impact and delivered change where it was needed. How often are you the only one or part of a small group who know this to be the case, but without the marketing budget or reach to let people know how can you let others know about these unsung heroes?.

Well, each year for the last eight, we have asked our community to tell us who and where these people and projects are.  This means we can create a Digital Leaders 100 list packed full of these people and initiatives. The unsung heroes of digital transformation who you have told us and our judges about.

This year we announced the 9th Annual Digital Leaders 100 list and it’s truly amazing. A real group of super heroes and projects and now you our community can help us again by voting for your favourites across 10 categories to put the 2021 list into a final order. 

This year we have representation from all 4 UK countries and 6 English regions, reflecting the national reach of the Digital Leaders Community. Outside of London and the South East, the strongest regions are Scotland, the South West, Wales, Yorkshire and the North West. The youngest finalist is 16, the oldest over 70. We also have finalists from actress all sectors.

The full list of DL100 finalists and voting can be accessed at https://digileaders100.com 

If you take a look, you will see that the list reflects the community that submitted all 750 nominations. Once again we have a 50/50 gender split, recognising the diversity in digital transformation roles and the leading women across the industry. This is a figure not seen commonly on any non-women only awards lists. 

We always have a special category and this year it is the Craig Macdonald Memorial Prize,  for the best grassroots organisation working in their local community to help close the digital divide. The winner will receive a £5,000 from tech investor Rob Wilmot. For those that did not know him, Craig Macdonald was Chief Digital and Technology Officer of Crown Commercial Service. He passed away suddenly in early 2020. A true Digital Leader and we hope you will take a look at this special category and vote for the finalists.

If you have been following us over the past 9 years, then you like me will have your favourite categories. For me it is Digital Leader of the Year, and a real personal favourite, Young Digital Leader of the Year. The former has included winners like: Martha Lane-Fox; Mike Bracken; and Seyi Akiwowo. The latter the likes of Vimla Appadoo, Ben Towers and Jack Parsons. This year’s list has not disappointed me and of the 20 finalists in these two categories – they are all exceptional. 

Final word has to be one of thanks to our 20 judges. Do take a look. It’s no mean feat to shortlist a group of such impressive entries, and they still have to pick a winner. Final thank yous go to our sponsors, who make this all possible year after year, particularly our new headline partner, SAGE. 

The final winners will be hand picked from the public vote by our judges and announced on the 11th November at Aqua Shard. Why not join us for the big announcement, a night with a great vibe and a party and celebrations that will continue until 1am. Now don’t we all deserve that! I certainly feel this year’s list deserves a night off and a taste of the high life. I do hope you will join us.

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