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AI Leadership: Learning to break free of the past

May 2024

Sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in the past. Too often when faced with a new challenge, my first inclination is not to face forwards with an open mind, but to look backwards to try to extract lessons from previous experiences that help me to […]

Dual-Track Agile – when everyone is a researcher

April 2024

Dual-track agile is an approach to agile project delivery in which the team breaks its daily development work into two tracks: research and delivery. It is a unifying approach to product development. It is a method that embraces the differences between the work of a […]

Achieving Net Zero: effective supply chain engagement and collaboration

February 2024

For many organisations around 60-90% of their carbon footprint comes from their supply chain. In order to significantly improve the sustainability of supply chains, businesses must work collaboratively to understand the environmental impact of procurement decisions, and collectively reduce emissions. To do what is needed, businesses […]

How we can rethink public sector digital delivery

February 2024

Hands up if you’ve got a Monzo or Starling bank account? Over the past three years, these two brands have revolutionised people’s expectations of user experience in the consumer banking market. Before that the story was Netflix, and perhaps before that it was It’s […]

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