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AI for Business Supplement in the Sunday Times

October 2021

The Sunday Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on AI for Business in this morning’s edition of the Sunday Times.Is artificial intelligence really as transformative as claimed? Yes, but not in the ways we might think. The AI for Business […]

Man working from home
How a diverse workforce can drive a culture of innovation

October 2021

2020 was one of the most challenging years for business and individuals across the world. Nothing can undo the difficulties we have all faced. However, struggle inevitably also leads to innovation. As we settle into the new year, there is an urgent need for British […]

Digital Transformation Supplement in the Times

September 2021

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on Digital Transformation in this morning’s edition of the Times.​ The 28 page report considers how after 18 months of rapid digital transformation, questions are now being asked about how many […]

DWP recruitment
DWP Digital to host a Virtual Recruitment Evening this month

September 2021

DWP Digital, is recruiting hundreds of digital and tech specialists to lead and redefine digital public services. A career in DWP Digital truly is a career that’s ‘Digital With Purpose’. Working in the biggest government department will allow you to use your digital skills to […]

dl100 winners
A list I would be proud to be a member of

September 2021

We all know someone who just delivers digital transformation better than others or the project, innovation or initiative that has really had impact and delivered change where it was needed. How often are you the only one or part of a small group who know […]

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