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Insights Report Service launched by Digital Leaders

November 2023

Insights Report, launched today, will be available to a total audience of 250,000. It’s the new service that allows you to generate a report on any digital transformation topic. The content of the report is made up of great writing, by individual experts, curated and […]

Supercharge data momentum

November 2023

When was the last time you learned something new? I mean really learned something new? Still thinking? I’ll go first. Two months ago, I did something that both exhilarated and terrified me by signing up and attending a half-day financial training workshop called, “Understanding Financial […]

Mastering digital decision making

November 2023

In recent years, I’ve engaged with many organizations in both the public and private sectors, exploring their unique digital transformation journeys. While their circumstances and concerns vary significantly, a common question unites them: Why can’t we go faster? The main stumbling block they highlight is […]

What’s motivating your action?

November 2023

The fork-in-the-road moment has long fascinated me. In that moment, as leaders, we find ourselves at the fork in the road needing to choose between options on behalf of our teams, our organizations, and the leadership we’re driving towards. The moment that happens over and […]

What is digital value?

October 2023

There is a joke I heard many years ago that has haunted me throughout my career. It is told in various ways and with different emphases, but the simplest form is as follows: Two sales people, Jane and Dave, meet up to discuss their experiences […]

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