Online workshop recording: How to accelerate change through powerful storytelling

Stuart Maister

Written by Stuart Maister, Chief Storyteller, Strategic Narrative

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be sure everyone involved in your transformation was clear about its purpose, aligned in its detail and convinced of its merits? It would mean they’d all point in the same direction and be able to explain it easily to those they need to engage.

That is the purpose of the strategic narrative – the story of change that needs to be simple, clear and powerful.

Today Stuart Maister hosted a highly interactive online workshop to help those leading change accelerate its impact through a more powerful story. In the recording below he talks through its importance and provide a framework to help you develop your strategic narrative, enabling you to demonstrate real transformational leadership.

Stuart is a former national TV and radio reporter for the BBC, ITN and Sky, and has led a number of communications companies over the past 20+ years, helping organisations all over the world, and of all shapes and sizes, to be better at storytelling

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