Webinar: Ready or not here AI come

24 June @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Online

Go beyond the hype and prepare your organisation and your team for the age of automation, by arming yourself with key AI insights and real-life lessons learned to ensure your business is ready to get AI right.

James Luke, CTO IBM Global Services, will explore real examples of how businesses delivering working AI solutions are getting it right and successfully futureproofing their organisation. You’ll hear about the challenges faced and the lessons learned that will ensure your business is ready for successful AI.

Brian Runciman, Head of Content and Insight from BCS, will share key insights from the recently launched BCS AI report, with a focus on people skills and the ethical and societal implications that businesses MUST address.

Join the webinar to find out;

  • What business leaders and professionals really think about implementing AI
  • Real examples from organisations making AI fly
  • Why AI ethics is critical for business to get right
  • How AI impacts on society and the responsibility of organisations
  • How professionalism and skills will make or break your AI implementation
  • How AI and automation are changing the future of work, skills and recruitment

This webinar is free to attend, but capacity is limited so please ensure you register.