Salon: How do we keep our communities, customers and stakeholders safe online

12 September @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Edinburgh

As more individuals, businesses and services become digitised it is important that cyber resilience in the UK keeps pace.

Join us in Edinburgh, during Digital Leaders Cyber Resilience Week to hear from lead discussants including Phil Allen, Financial Planning and Retirement Director at Lloyds Banking Group and Emma Gillies, Managing Partner at Gartner Consulting, to discuss cyber resilience and explore what we can all do to keep our communities, customers and stakeholders safe.

During the salon we will explore:

·         How can we encourage people to feel safe being online and take advantage of the benefits this can bring

·         How can we help our communities, customers and stakeholders be aware of the issues around cyber security?

·         What role should organisations and government play in helping raise awareness and upskilling?

·         How can these stakeholders work better together to future-proof themselves and their organsations

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