Digital High Street: How do we digitise our town centres?

31 January @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, London

The British high street has weathered sweeping changes in society, varied economic cycles, successive layers of property development and retail expansion, and the seismic impact of digital technology on communications, entertainment and commerce. Our high street communities have survived through these changes to varying degrees, but importantly the challenges to high streets are far from over.

According to Digital High Street Report 2020, over the next five years, digital technology will continue to redefine the interactions among our citizens, commercial businesses, public services and charities – indeed, every component of a high street community.

Join the Salon discussion, led by Dr Huda Dawood from Teesside University and Guy Douglas from Clockwork City Partnership, on the role of technology and how it can be used to improve our failing town centres and what role does the private and public sector have around this agenda?

We will explore the following themes:

  • How do town centres look to adopt emerging technology?
  • What digital infrastructure needs to be in place?
  • How can data play a part to save our town centres?
  • How do we encourage collaboration amongst local government, private sector and academia?
  • What does digitising our town centres mean to improve ‘sense of place’ how communities work and interact with each other?

This research salon is run in collaboration with the Teesside University and The DigitalCity, which together work with industry experts, practitioners and researchers to develop the thinking on tomorrow’s challenges, encourage take up of new technologies and new engagement in research and development activities.

Places at the Salon are limited. Register your interest now, to avoid disappointment.

The Salon will be followed by the networking drinks.