Citizen and User Experience – latest ideas and trends

20 June @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Manchester

In Manchester we discussed ‘citizens experience’ a buzz word commonly used across local and central government, but why now?

Firstly, because citizens experience has proven a valuable answer to the common question faced in the private and public sectors – where can we cut our costs further without impacting the quality of the services that we provide?

Secondly, our everyday experiences as customers and consumers have shifted the benchmark and our expectations of services we receive.

Lead discussants included Ben Holliday, Head of User Experience Design at DWP and Stephen Morris, Director of Programmes at UKCloud to discuss:

  • Is there a fundamental difference between a customer and citizen experience and should there be?
  • What could the public sector learn from industries ahead of the curve in CX such as retail?
  • How can we build momentum and internal CX capability in local business and the public sector?
  • How can the voluntary sector build more holistic citizen experiences?

Read Ben Holliday’s thoughts on the event here.

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