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Written by Robin Knowles, CEO of Digital Leaders

This month we have welcomed a new Chair and 4 new Advisory Board members here at Digital Leaders. It has given the board some great new perspectives and me the chance to talk all things Digital Leadership with 5 leaders who really know what it means.

I am very pleased to be able to welcome our new Chair, Sabby Gill. He joined the Board when he was UK&I MD at SAGE three years ago, but he has now taken up the reins at software company Dext. Sabby believes that “strong Digital Leadership can maximize & scale any business and create success within digital business”. As Sabby says, ”that sounds easy, but we do not all necessarily have the skills or time to make that happen”. For him Digital Leaders provides a great forum for like minded people to share thoughts, forge partnerships, collaborate proactively on ideas and navigate the complex nature of everything that is Digital.

New advisory Board member Professor Mark Thompson says that “this is an important time for digital leadership, when understanding the impact of the fast-moving digital economy on organisations, culture, government, and the environment presents one of the very biggest challenges facing our society.” Mark has chaired our main annual conference for several years and adds that in his opinion “Digital Leaders has a great track record of bringing talented people together to discuss and share their learning on these issues.”

Picking up on that theme of the challenging time that leaders face, Global CEO at Informed Solutions and new advisory Board member, Elizabeth Vega OBE adds she senses that “we are at a significant point of inflection in society, the environment and economics. We can either get lost in the confusion, or we can work together to find the way forward” she says, adding that “There is enormous respect for the leadership, values, and positive influence of the Digital Leaders Network across our industry and it has assembled a tribe of committed leaders and followers. So for me it’s a real privilege to be appointed to the Digital Leaders Advisory Board”.

With our new focus on sustainability both by bringing COP27 live into “Innovation Week” this November and as we announce a first NetZero 50 List, I could not be more pleased that Dr. Mattie Yeta, CSO at CGI is also joining the Board. Dr. Yeta feels that “Digital strategy and sustainability are increasingly important and increasingly intertwined. As well as its benefits, digital can also pose risks to sustainability.” I could not agree more with her and am looking forward to the conversations that Innovation Week facilitates in this important area.

Professor Kerensa Jennings, BT Group Director, Data, our final new Advisory Board joiner brings into play the cultural side of leadership, when she says that for her “Leadership is providing a guiding light to illuminate the way. Problem solving, creativity, empowerment. Ensuring all voices are heard and people are supported so they can shine, collaborate and learn. Digital leadership is all of this for the digital age. And it’s so much more. It’s about making connections, making a difference, making the future in a sustainable way.” Adding that for me, “it’s also about wisdom and grace; and making decisions that help make lives better.”

Well said and welcome to you all.

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