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Why data is key to enhancing UK rail services

December 2023

The transformation of the British rail system has been a big talking point in recent times. Substantial developments have already occurred, including the introduction of modernised trains on networks throughout the United Kingdom, with additional rollouts anticipated in the near future. These modern trains will […]

Supercharge data momentum

November 2023

When was the last time you learned something new? I mean really learned something new? Still thinking? I’ll go first. Two months ago, I did something that both exhilarated and terrified me by signing up and attending a half-day financial training workshop called, “Understanding Financial […]

How digital transformation can and will boost your profits

October 2023

Digital transformation has become an indispensable strategy for companies seeking to stay competitive and drive financial success. By harnessing the power of technology, companies will not only increase revenue, but also achieve significant cost savings. Here, I highlight 5 ways companies without a digital transformation […]

The crucial role of an innovation strategy

August 2023

Despite significant investments in time and resources, many companies continue to grapple with the challenges of innovation. Countless initiatives fall short, and even successful innovators struggle to maintain their momentum, as illustrated by the stories of once-giant companies like Polaroid, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, and […]

Onshore, offshore or hybrid development? Which is best?

August 2023

For many, the decision of whether to use onshore development, offshore development, or a hybrid approach can be a challenging and complex one. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on various factors like budget, proximity, time, and expertise. In this […]

Data as you navigate culture tidal waves

July 2023

Successfully navigating the culture tidal waves has never been trickier. So many macro forces are at play that thrash culture around daily… things like… Public and mass layoffs Ongoing market volatility Remote vs. in-office debates Shrinking budgets and head count Increased pressure to create companies, […]

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