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How trauma-informed is your chatbot?

October 2023

Many citizens increasingly expect to access public services digitally. While digitising core services to meet these emerging expectations, many public service providers are acutely aware of the barriers that some people face in accessing and using digital services effectively. To mitigate this, they are procuring […]

All roads lead back to the student: using data for a student-centric engagement strategy

September 2023

Digitisation is helping to shape the future of higher education, with many forward-thinking institutions implementing a range of technologies to support student engagement. However, the next step for many universities is to understand how their students are responding and leverage the data that is produced across this landscape to take positive action that impacts students’ success.   To engage students is […]

The human costs of data-driven AI

September 2023

That is pretty much the universal reaction I get when I ask people about Josh Dzieza’s recent article in The Verge. The article examines the origins of the large data sets that feed AI systems and the way data is procured for AI algorithms to be […]

The importance of research for the Digital Poverty Alliance’s work

February 2023

Research plays a crucial role in The Digital Poverty Alliance’s work to end digital poverty in the UK (by 2030). We use research in two key ways to support work on digital inclusion. First, we collate existing research, which helps to support policy-makers and practitioners […]

Advisory board
5 Perspectives on Digital Leadership

October 2022

This month we have welcomed a new Chair and 4 new Advisory Board members here at Digital Leaders. It has given the board some great new perspectives and me the chance to talk all things Digital Leadership with 5 leaders who really know what it […]

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