Webinar Recording: Start to modernise decades of complex legacy systems

Written by Louise Stokes, Director, Digital Leaders

Does your organisation have hundreds or thousands of existing applications?

Multiple legacy applications, often the foundation in an enterprise, can slow down the adoption and leverage of new digital technologies.

IT teams are tasked with the challenge of connecting existing systems to modern applications at minimal disruption.

Is your organisation facing the decision which application to maintain and which to modernise?

Are you asking yourself “how do I tackle a monolith to microservices project”?

Tune in to the session below led by Alex Ley, Associate Director, Application Modernisation, Pivotal Labs UK & Ireland to hear an overview of how his organisation have been guiding your peers through these processes and helping them adopt cloud-native development practices.

Alex shares best practices around application modernisation and provides with a practical guide on how to approach a transformation project in your own organisation.

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