Webinar Recording: AI and Machine Learning in the Public Sector

Written by Helena Larsen, Digital Leaders

The industrial revolution of the 1700s changed the way the world lived and worked. During that time, working-age people had to re-skill to keep up with the way in which new machines were entering the workplace and altering the landscape on an unprecedented scale.

At present, technology is changing faster than ever, profoundly transforming institutions, industries, and individuals by disrupting how we live and work.

But the pace at which AI and machine learning is growing and changing the landscape across all sectors, is it giving civil servants enough time to adapt and adjust?

Watch this webinar recording, presented by Cognizant’s Yatin Mahandru, Head of Public Sector UK & Ireland and Matthew O’Kane, Head of AI for Europe as they explore the pace of change in the public sector as a result of embedding AI and machine learning technologies in service delivery, and whether job requirements and staff satisfaction levels will be impeded or improved.

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Watch the webinar below:

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