GovTech is gaining momentum as it passes from an emergent state and is poised to go global. Its development has drawn comparisons to fintech, a sector which grew sixfold between 2011 and 2015. Both GovTech and FinTech benefit from large citizen demand, a permissive policy environment and ready access to tech skills & financial capital. The concept of small businesses bringing innovative solutions to public services, that once proven can move to scale is exciting both political and market interest.

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Innovating the new normal of health and wellbeing – part 2

July 2020

When I chaired the Common’s Science and Technology Committee reviewing Satellites and Space back in 2016, I summarised our findings by stating: “The target to grow the UK’s share of the global space market to 10% by 2030 highlights the continuing drive and ambition running […]

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How will public sector digital solutions serve citizens in the future?

July 2020

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director at IEG4, explains how the public sector will build on its ability to be agile and responsive with digital solutions, breaking down silos, using data and building only on those platforms that enable flexibility  In the future, the citizen might see […]

Innovating the new normal of health and wellbeing

July 2020

The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy includes a health and social care support programme, and states potential for “using more tele-medicine and remote monitoring to give patients hospital-level care from the comfort and safety of their own homes”. As remote monitoring and consultation is one of the […]

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Calling all social entrepreneurs and innovators

July 2020

CivTech our DLScotland partners have over the past years established themselves as the UK’s leading experts on Govtech and last week they launched CivTech 5.0 Innovation. This is a well practised and enormously successful process as witnessed by myself when I attended the 4.0 versions […]

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Cutting down on duplication with digital solutions for citizens

July 2020

For councils, the change brought by the current COVID-19 crisis means that they are looking for the ‘new normal’ approach when it comes to changes needed for post-virus citizen engagement. As digital transformation has now rapidly been applied to functions within local government where previously […]

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7 emerging themes in digital government

June 2020

Designing and implementing a successful digital service doesn’t depend on technology alone. It is a heady mix of multiple factors including culture, mindset, data access, data privacy, and the ability to work iteratively and prototype rapidly. Many forward-thinking governments are carrying out effective implementations of digital services by […]

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