Catch up on the Online Events you missed during Digital Leaders Week

Written by Eleanor Crouch, Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders week saw multiple webinars and online events; we have embedded them into this handy catch-up blog. Click on the embedded videos below to watch the webinars, discussing digital transformation across the UK.

On Tuesday 20 June we had a webinar presented by Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation & Development, Compliance Director and Andrew Weston, Policy & Development Officer from NPC, discussing ‘Helping young people face complex challenges using technology’. Find the Webinar recording here:

On Tuesday, we also heard David McGlade, the Cyber Security lead at Kainos, present a webinar ‘Are you at risk of a cyber attack?’ He took us through the threats that exist today, their impact on sectors and how you and your organisation can be best prepared to meet the rapid surge in cyber security incidents. Find Kainos’ full webinar recording here:

Are you at risk of a cyber attack? from Kainos on Vimeo.

Then on Tuesday evening, Kate Russell presented her ‘favourite episode’ of DLTV, where she interviewed experts from various sectors, including Jake Kennard, Co-founder of Kets Quantum; Shadi Razak, CTO at CyNation and Bruno Huttner, Quantum Safe Product Manager at ID Quantique. The speakers discussed the current state of quantum technologies, as well as the role of the government in accelerating its commercialisation in an effective and safe manner. Find the episode recording here:


Also on Tuesday AXSChat hosted an event on Inclusive Digital Leaders with Jacqueline de Rojas.  The AXSChat team Neil Milliken, England, Antonio Santos, Ireland and Debra Ruh, Virginia interviewed Jacqueline about Inclusive Digital Leaders and why society functions better when every citizen can participate and contribute in the technology and communications landscape. Find the interview recording here:


The final Webinar on Wednesday 21, was presented by Jane Walshe of Enforcd, joined by Mathias Wegmueller, Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Qumram, and Wendy Jephson, Co-Founder & Chief Behavioral Scientist at Sybenetix. The speakers discussed what RegTech can do, and also possible pitfalls to be avoided in its use. Find the Webinar recording here:

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