Research Salon: Digital Health

05 December @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, London

How are the convergences surrounding digital disruption and health care funding reforms forging new roles for states and markets in delivering health care? Digital health, Big Data and the Internet of Things are converging with insurance systems and healthcare policy. Individual health data is being captured on devices and shared with healthcare providers, payers and vendors amidst competition to find ways of measuring, using, valuing and monetising data. This salon will explore these issues, drawing on the recent research by Wellcome Trust that explored how these changes are affecting how we pay for our healthcare.

Please join this Digital Leaders Research Salon with the lead discussants including Dr Liz Mcfall from Open University.

This research salon will be the first of a set to be jointly run with the Economic and Social Research Council’s review project on “Ways of Being in a Digital Age”. This project is looking to summarise existing research on the impacts of digital across seven domains:

  • Citizenship and politics
  • Communities and identities
  • Communication and relationships
  • Economy and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Data and representation
  • Governance and security

The Research Salon will be followed by networking. Please note that places at the event are limited.  To avoid disappointment, apply now to reserve your place.