DLTV on Quantum Technology: The Ultimate Disrupter of the Digital Era

20 June @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, YouTube Live on Air

Quantum Technology may seem to be one of those mere hypes in the innovation space. Nonetheless, there are companies who demonstrate clear commercial value from its applications, and many experts believe the quantum ascent may happen much sooner then we expect.

Quantum Technology with its unique nature and exponentially higher speed will bring major disruption to and across virtually every industry and sector, including government, finance, telecommunications, and security.

It will also lead to powerful advancements in life of citizens and societies, way governments and economies function, and will transform health and bio-tech space. Other applications can be found in the automotive, construction and trading industries to name a few.

However, its power may entail serious security risks if not managed and governed properly. Quantum-enabled Artificial Intelligence will put forward a lot of ethical issues for consideration, while the government must invest into developing quantum-secure encryption to safely store and process citizens’ and other critical national data.

DLTV will bring together the experts from various sectors, including Jake Kennard, Co-founder of Kets Quantum, Shadi Razak, CTO at CyNation and Bruno Huttner, Quantum Safe Product Manager at ID Quantique, to discuss the current state of quantum technologies, as well as the role of the government in accelerating its commercialisation in an effective and safe manner.


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