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We are investigating the potential for HealthTech to improve our patient outcomes, drive efficiency and deliver medical breakthroughs. With smartphone cameras being heart rate monitors, and contact lenses measuring blood sugar levels we are moving into an era when we can all collect physiological data about ourselves.

Increasingly cross-sector collaboration, innovation, big data and the possibilities of AI mean we are at a transformational moment for dealing with our Health. It is crucial that our leaders gain the skills and capabilities necessary to understand HealthTech and build new technologies. If HealthTech is driven only by an enthusiastic digital team, it will fail.

This topic is supported by

AI Bias, Inclusion and Diversity in Speech Recognition; A talk by David Keene, Chief Marketing Officer at Speechmatics

AI for Good: Pandemic response and the future; A talk by Babak Hodjat, CTO for AI, Cognizant

Virtually Successful - Rehabilitation in the new normal; A talk by Leanna Luxton, Director, Remote Rehab Ltd

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