The top three Webinars and DLTV from 2018

John Keegan DWP

Written by Helena Larsen, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Digital Leaders

Last year was once again a busy one for our Webinar programme and our Digital Leaders TV Show, hosted in 2018 by Kate Russell. I have selected below the top three for 2018 based on views in case you missed them. They include a webinar on DWP’s journey to hybrid cloud, a DLTV show on the importance of culture in digital transformation and a personal favourite for me, Digital Health and Wearables.

Webinar: DWP’s journey to hybrid cloud

Department for Work and Pensions is implementing wholesale change on its technology infrastructure and the way its digital services are delivered. This webinar, presented by John Keegan, Head of Infrastructure Services at DWP tells all about the biggest change to the department’s technology for 20 years. The session will explore: what it takes to move one of the country’s largest and most complex IT estates to the cloud; how services are being moved from long-standing monolithic contracts to smaller, agile, modern frameworks; and the lessons learned relevant to other organisations.

DLTV: Importance of culture in digital transformation

It is easy to assume that digital transformation is just about technology, however in practice, a successful digital transformation is often about changing the whole focus and culture of an organisation. It is often accompanied by people having to adopt new ways of working and embracing radical changes in working practices. Tune in for our DLTV show, hosted by Kate Russell, when we bring together the experts from various sectors, including Geoff York, Digital Transformation Lead from Sapient Razorfish; Alison Freer, Director at durhamlane, and Alison McKenzie-Folan, Deputy CEO at Wigan Council, for a discussion on the importance and the role of culture in the digital transformation.


DLTV: Digital Health and Wearables

How are the convergences surrounding digital disruption and health care funding reforms forging new roles for states and markets in delivering health care? Digital health, Big Data and the Internet of Things are converging with insurance systems and healthcare policy. Individual health data is being captured on devices and shared with healthcare providers, payers and vendors amidst competition to find ways of measuring, using, valuing and monetising data. This DLTV show will explore these issues, drawing on the recent research by Wellcome Trust that explored how these changes are affecting how we pay for our healthcare. The show is hosted by BBC Click’s Kate Russell joined by the panel of digital health experts including Dr Liz Mcfall from Open University.


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