NHS Improvement on digital patient safety incident management system

Elizabeth Vega

Written by Elizabeth Vega, Group CEO, Informed Solutions

The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges. To meet increasing pressures, they must make better use of technology and unlock the potential of analytics and AI.

Their current systems generate over two million reports a year, yet only a small percentage of these can be fully analysed manually. The development of the new Patient Safety Incident Management System represents an ambitious step change, harnessing Machine Learning and data-driven insights to foster an open learning culture and drive up safety standards.

Working with Informed Solutions, NHS Improvement are working to replace the current National Reporting and Learning System and Strategic Executive Information System with one transformational service that delivers real time reporting capability, unlocking the potential of AI and extending the service to multiple healthcare settings.  The video below tells you more.


Informed Solutions sponsored the Digital Leaders Public Sector Innovation Conference on November 27th, a ‘show & tell’ of advances in UK GovTech and they will be sharing their views on all things digital and AI.


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