Webinar: Digital Age Leadership Practitioner

20 June @ 11:00 am - 11:45 am, This is an online event

Are you a change manager, project manager, HR/OD practitioner, leadership coach or mentor?

The Dilyn Way, along with the Dilyn profiling/assessment tool has supported close to 1,000 people globally in “Digital Age Leadership” – a driver of digital transformation.

Attend to hear from Mel Ross, CEO and Founder at Adapt2Digital about The Dilyn Way and Digital Age Leadership. This free 45 minute introductory webinar will take you through:

  • The Dilyn Way basics
  • Digital Age Leadership Profile
  • Tips and recommendations as takeaways

Register to attend through the link above.

There will be also another webinar happening on the same day at 3:30pm AEST (Australia) and 5:30pm NZST (New Zealand). Please click here to register.