Online workshop: How to accelerate change through powerful storytelling

18 June @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, This is an online event

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be sure everyone involved in your transformation was clear about its purpose, aligned in its detail and convinced of its merits? It would mean they’d all point in the same direction and be able to explain it easily to those they need to engage.

That is the purpose of the strategic narrative – the story of change that needs to be simple, clear and powerful.

Join this highly interactive online workshop hosted by Stuart Maister, Chief Storyteller from Strategic Narrative. He will talk through its importance and provide a framework to help you develop your strategic narrative, enabling you to demonstrate real transformational leadership.

This works if you’re a leader of change, or working with clients who need to get this right.

It’s a working session: bring along one issue or initiative you need to focus on, and you’ll go away with at least one great idea about how to make it more successful.

Throughout the event participants will be invited to share their thoughts and responses as they work on their issue, so that we can see live how the process unfolds.

You can get a flavour of what will be covered in the video on this page.

The online workshop will include a presentation followed by an interactive Q&A with the participants.

Those attending this online workshop will be able to get a FREE 30 minute video consultation with Stuart. Details will be sent out following the event.