Diversity, the Key to Innovation – Building a Northern Digital Powerhouse

27 June @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Manchester, United Kingdom

Despite a growing body of evidence that workforce diversity produces better financial results, greater innovation, higher performing teams and more satisfying workplaces, there remains a concerning lack of diversity in the digital industry. Average female representation in tech teams still hovering at around 12%, showing a huge amount of untapped talent, and whilst the North West is a leading light in building digital skills for the future, we’re still wrestling with a major digital skills gap in the UK.

Lead discussants Elizabeth Vega, Global CEO of Informed Solutions and the DL Northwest Champion and Elaine Manton, National STEM expert and STEM Coordinator of Northwest-based Loreto Grammar School conducted a discussion on:

  • Encouraging diverse involvement in STEM subjects
  • How employers can build diversity in the digital talent pool, motivating leaders in other disciplines to switch to digital careers
  • How we can broaden the scope of digital roles beyond the obvious technical focus to build the next generation of well-rounded digital leaders.
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