The only way we can keep up with the pace of change is to retain our heritage in diversity of thought leadership. This inclusive thinking is what makes us a nation of great ideas and innovation. The Digital Leaders programme strives for 50% female and male speakers at all events, our advisory board is 50% female and the Digital Leaders Community is itself 47% female. Reflecting the markets we serve and leveraging every corner of the talent pool is our opportunity to accelerate our nation’s productivity.

Diversity On-Demand

Digital Self-Care and Self-Defence: Feeling confident to use your voice online; A talk by Gwen Taylor Programme Manager, Glitch

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How the feminization of AI enforces gender stereotypes

November 2022

If there’s one element that seems to follow artificial intelligence (AI) wherever it goes, it’s femininity. The feminization of AI can be seen in pop culture, science fiction tropes, voice assistants, chatbots, and robots — more often than we may realize.  Take a step back […]

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The diverse world of women in tech

November 2022

I’m not a super techie person and yet I spend at least 35 hours every week working in technical teams, designing and building digital public services. Beyond my day job as a Delivery Lead at dxw, I mentor, write, and speak about a range of business, […]

Launching our ‘Women in Data’ network

July 2022

Earlier this year I was talking to someone who coaches women in leadership and was asked the question: “What are you doing to help encourage and support women in data?” We recognised the great work being done by the existing Women in Digital network but […]

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Digital Inclusion – It’s about making life more liveable

July 2022

This week I was proud to launch the UK Digital Poverty Evidence Review at the House of Lords – in a room full of people committed to eradicating digital poverty. People who all recognise that we all have a role to play in both keeping digital poverty […]

Ensuring everyone has access to work

June 2022

In DWP Digital we strive to make complicated services better for our users. Access to Work is a good example of this, where we’re providing a service that helps disabled people and people with health conditions to get or stay in work, by providing a […]

Inclusion hacking your way out of the great resignation

May 2022

In my conversations with supply chain leaders, one question has reverberated throughout the past two years: “How do I retain great talent?” And for good reason. According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 41% of global employees said they were likely to consider leaving […]

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