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The only way we can keep up with the pace of change is to retain our heritage in diversity of thought leadership. This inclusive thinking is what makes us a nation of great ideas and innovation. The Digital Leaders programme strives for 50% female and male speakers at all events, our advisory board is 50% female and the Digital Leaders Community is itself 47% female. Reflecting the markets we serve and leveraging every corner of the talent pool is our opportunity to accelerate our nation’s productivity.

Banking on Diversity in Tech

Jacqueline de Rojas Keynote at Banking on Diversity in Tech

Women Returners in Digital

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Digital Diversity
#ChangeTheRatio: Why Diversity at the Top is still a Conversation

February 2018

Statistics show that only 17% of the ICT sector and 23% of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) workforce in the UK are women – and at lower than a 1:5 ratio, significantly less than most other sectors. Worse still, this figure actually reflects a stall […]

Diversity in Digital Screenshot
Watch the latest DLTV on Diversity in Digital

February 2018

By the nature of what it is, tech organisations and those who lead them should be progressive and innovative. However, there is a persisting lack of diversity across the sector. More diversity in the Tech Sector beyond white heterosexual males is a good idea for […]

Technology social good
Technology as a Tool for Social Equality

January 2018

There is a real danger that the advance of technology will widen the gulf between privileged and disadvantaged groups in society, making weaker sectors fall behind as only better-off citizens learn to open doors in the modern world. In the Israeli Welfare Ministry, we’re striving […]

GDPR CyberSecurity
Roadmap to GDPR and Cybersecurity

January 2018

Approximately 4 minutes read time GDPR compliance and effective cyber resilience are clearly two sides of the same coin and it makes sense to take an integrated approach to developing a single roadmap towards compliance and protection. Understand your data Your starting point has to […]

Manchester Digitally Diverse Salon
The digital sector should be diverse

January 2018

The Digital sector should be diverse. By its very nature digital transformation is driven by unique thinking and differences in views. Despite this, the tech market is still lacking in areas of diversity. For example, a recent Computer Weekly report found that only 16% of […]

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