AI adoption, hype versus reality and what you need to know

09 November @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Newcastle upon Tyne

In the last year, AI has exploded into our digital consciousness. It is now widely accepted that automation in the next 5 years will have a dramatic impact in a wide range of activities, including information technology, customer service, supply chain management, R&D, and manufacturing operations.

But is it hype and what are the real adoption rates for AI in business and Government? Are their examples and plans for actual adoption, or is the reality that most are in various stages of investigation, experimentation or simply waiting.

Join us to hear from lead discussants including Fernando Lucini, European AI lead at Accenture and Simon Goon, COO at Synoptica. We will be discussing if Government has seen value delivered in Departments like HMRC and if AI promises to enable yet faster growth in the SME business community.

Please register your interest to attend as places are limited. The salon will be followed by networking drinks.